We begin this story in 2008 with 20 Wagyu embryos and Spring-Rock farm. The farm, in the hills of Vermont overlooking the Connecticut River, New Hampshire and beyond, is a very special place. We think of it as a member of our family, a unique part of our story.

The farm incorporates 350 acres in total and is located perfectly for this project. It’s small, just five and ten acre hillside pastures with natural features that protect our Wagyu from harsh wind and snowdrifts.

Here we raise our Wagyu naturally; no added hormones or steroids for growth enhancement and no unnecessary antibiotic usage. Our steers are primarily grass fed throughout with a grain finished, GMO-free diet.

We’re blessed to be living and working in such an idyllic setting. Spring-Rock Farm offers not just a stunning panorama of the river and mountains, but also penetrating views into our past that inspire us to write a new and promising chapter for our future.

In 1790, Spring-Rock Farm was built on historic Parker Hill, overlapping Springfield and Rockingham, Vermont.

In 1790, Spring-Rock Farm was built on historic Parker Hill, overlapping Springfield and Rockingham, Vermont.

Today, Parker Hill District is a National Historic Site, consisting of 25 buildings built in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s that supported this farming community.

Harnessing Data – Being at the Forefront of Wagyu Genetics

  • Leading the mapping of historic Wagyu lineages in the U.S and in Australia, understanding the pedigrees of our dams and sires and their genetic influence on marbling
  • Meticulously monitor key metrics within our herd at our on-farm lab, created by our founder Dr. Sheila Patinkin, statistics including steer Frame Size, Hip Height, Rump Fat Thickness, Birth Weight, Weaning Weight, Yearling Weight, Average Daily Weight Gain, Basic Marbling Scores, all to ensure a best-of-the-best breeding program generation after generation (learn more about our breeding and genetics) 
  • Many breeders only collect data after harvest, our program uses live ultrasound results, DNA information and phenotypic growth data to make in-time decisions that prioritizes the health of the mother and calf 
  • Offering 100% Full Blood Wagyu DNA Parent Verification certified through the American Wagyu Association, so you know it’s the real deal