Shipping Policy - Semen and Embryos

Vermont Wagyu works with UPS to deliver your products safely to your destination. You will be notified via email once your order has shipped. 

When your order leaves the farm at Vermont Wagyu, your order will be managed by UPS. UPS will track your order and keep you informed of any issues. For questions related to your order, once your order has left the farm, please contact UPS at for updates or delivery information.


Semen for Domestic Use:  Order on-line by selecting the number of straws.   There is a minimum order of ten straws.  

  • Select the number of straws, by the individual bull semen, for domestic use 
  • Proceed to check out and purchase your order
  • Shipping charges will include the use of Vermont Wagyu’s shipper tank, for both shipment and return of the tank, and are the responsibility of the buyer
  • Buyers will have a choice of both 2 day air, or ground shipment, but if 2 day air is selected, the tank will be returned by two day air.
  • Vermont Wagyu will contact the buyer for shipping day of choice
  • Ground shipments will go out on Monday’s or Tuesday’s and can be arranged with Vermont Wagyu
  • Refer to our Shipping Policy for more detailed information

Semen for Exportable Use:  Order on-line by selecting a minimum of 10 straws.  

  • Select the number of Straws, by individual bull semen, for export use
  • Proceed to check out and purchase your order
  • No shipping charges are charged by Vermont Wagyu, as the semen is shipped from the collection center, Hawk Eye Breeders
  • Once your order has been placed on-line, Vermont Wagyu will contact both the buyer and Hawk Eye to arrange the transfer of semen into the buyer’s name at Hawk Eye
  • After the semen has been transferred to the buyer’s name, it is the buyer’s responsibility to arrange for the shipping with Hawk Eye, 515-993-4711.
  • All costs of shipping and foreign transport are the responsibility of the buyer
  • If you have questions about the exportability of the semen to the final destination, please contact the farm directly and we will answer those questions.

Shipper Tank Usage Policy

We are pleased to be able to offer our customers the use of our shipper tank at no additional cost, provided a return pick up occurs within 3 days of the tank’s arrival.

We are a small farm, and we do need to have our tank returned promptly as we have only two shipper tanks for all our customers to share.

We have attempted to make the return of our tank as convenient as possible for you by including the return label. Call 1-800 PICK-UPS, 1-800-742-5877, to schedule a return.

UPS will notify us when the tank is picked up.  If it takes longer than 3 business days for you to schedule and completes the pickup, we reserve the right to initiate a rental fee of $25 per day, for any period of time after that, until pickup occurs. 

If a delay occurs as a result of UPS not picking up as requested, please advise us and we will check into it so as to help you with the matter.,  Additionally, we will work with your schedule, as long as we know ahead of time of any issues that might delay the return of the tank. 

Tank Preparation for Shipment

Vermont Wagyu uses MVE SC4/2V Cryo Vapor Shipper tanks. The MVE CryoShipper absorbs liquid nitrogen and charges the CryoShippers in under two hours with any remaining non absorbed liquid nitrogen removed. These containers offer dry, spill-free vapor shipping which allows them to be sent with a ‘non-hazardous’ classification anywhere in the world. The pre-shipment preparation process with liquid nitrogen permits the shipment of frozen genetic materials held to minus 150 degrees for up to 13 days in transit.

Return of the Tank

Once the tank arrives at its destination, please remove the semen and/or embryos as soon as possible with minimal handling. The frozen genetics should not be allowed out of a minus 150 degree environment for more than 3 seconds during transfer to another tank. Please account for the inventory shipped against our invoice and verify that none of the straws have separated from the canes while in shipment.
There will be instructions for the return of the tank, along with a return label included in the tank.
Affix the enclosed return label to the outside of the tank for scanning.
Use the enclosed zip tie to close the outer lid of the tank to keep the lid in place securely.
Notify UPS via the tracking number on the label, of the prepaid pickup at your farm or office, call 1-800-PICK-UPS, or 1-800-742-5877

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are based on UPS Ground rates as set through Shopify. The ground rate is dependent on the weight and dimensions of the Cryo tank that holds the frozen genetics, along with the distance traveled from the farm by zip code. The selected rate is doubled to allow for the cost of the return shipment of the tank to the farm.

Shipping Schedule (refer to Map below):

We ship directly from our rural farm every Monday & Tuesday, (except holidays) We strive to get you your order to you within 5 business days, depending on the shipping zone and the method of transport requested.
Ground Shipping
Orders to Zone 1 States (pale yellow) will arrive in one day by UPS Ground (includes VT, most of ME, NH, most of MA, RI CT, and part of NY)
Orders to Zone 2 States (gold-orange) will arrive in two days, by UPS Ground (includes Long Island NY, Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard MA, Northern and North East ME, Northern NY and Western NY, PA, NJ, DE, MD, OH, WV, and VA
Orders for Zones 3 States (green) will arrive in three days, by UPS Ground (includes MN, WI, IL, IN, MI, KY, NC, SC, GA, AL, TN, KY, parts of MO, parts of OK and parts of TX
Orders for Zone 4 states (rusty brown) will arrive in 4 business days (includes WA, Parts of MT, parts of ID, ND, SD, parts of WY, NE, parts of MO, MS, LA, FL, parts of TX, NM, parts of CO, CA, parts of NV and KS
Orders to Zone 5 states (pale orange)will arrive in 5 business days (includes parts of TX, UT, WY, parts of ID, parts of NV, parts of O, and AZ
Orders for HI and AL must go via two day air

Order Deadline:

Orders must be received by Tuesday at 8:00 am EST to be shipped that same week (unless a holiday week, or otherwise noted).
Orders received afterTuesday morning will be shipped the following Monday, unless it is a holiday

How will your orders be Shipped?

All orders will be shipped with “Signature Release” which means no signature will be required at delivery
Sorry, we cannot ship to PO boxes - your order must be shipped to a street address

**Important Shipping Notes**

Vermont Wagyu cannot be responsible for product that fails to be delivered due to incorrect or incomplete addresses, or to PO addresses. Please check the address before completing your order
Reasons for package delays include poor weather and other unforeseen disasters. We will be in touch with you if such events occur both before and after your order has left the farm
Vermont Wagyu cannot be responsible for shipping delays or problems caused by the shipping company, for failure to deliver in an untimely fashion, for incorrect addresses and other failed delivery attempts, and for inclement weather conditions and/or other acts of god/natural disasters/unforeseen events

Customer Service

If any questions arise while we complete your order, we will be in touch with you. Likewise, please contact us at if you have any questions or changes concerning your order. We strive to provide you with the highest quality product and want to hear from you if you are anything but thrilled with your order. Thank you in advance for ordering from VT Wagyu.